Vincent Iantomasi Testimonials

Vincent Iantomasi for Halton Catholic District School Board Trustee testimonials 

Lou Piovesan

Vincent Iantomasi has actively demonstrated a sustained commitment to service in the Halton Catholic community. He has provided positive leadership and involvement in Catholic elementary and secondary school student-focussed initiatives as well as with the Knights of Columbus, Special Olympics and parish initiated activities.

Vincent is a strong advocate for the collaborative involvement of the home, school and parish in sustaining and promoting excellence in Catholic education.

Vincent’s knowledge of the Catholic school system, its mission, its needs and how to work effectively with all stakeholders will be definite assets in the role of Trustee of the Board.

Lou Piovesan

Former Director of Education (2001-2008)

Jane Micheals

I am endorsing Vince Iantomasi for an at-large seat on the Halton Catholic District School Board to represent Burlington.

As an at-large Trustee nominee, Vince has reached out to many residents to hear their concerns.

I have known Vince for many years and have found him to be a caring, compassionate, intelligent man, willing to listen to all sides of an issue.
His tireless involvement in the community, through Knights of Columbus, Parent School Councils, Community Events, to name a few, shows that he is a man of service and integrity, who truly wants the best for Halton Catholic. Vince is a refreshing voice amongst the candidates.

Vince’s honest, pragmatic, and hopeful insight into our Board’s problems and needs, and his willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the community’s questions and concerns, sets him far apart from the other candidates.
I have known Vince to often take on projects and complete tasks behind the scenes without any fanfare or notoriety.
I know Vince will serve the HCDSB community with the same passion he exhibits in all of his endeavors.

Jane Michael
Burlington Trustee Wards 3 & 6
Former Chair of the Board
Halton Catholic District School Board

Brendan Browne, PhD

 “Vince Iantomasi has a proven track record of local leadership focused on building faith communities throughout Halton. 

Vince is a committed volunteer who tirelessly gives his time and enormous talents in service of Catholic education as a member of Parent Councils, Knights of Columbus, and Catholic charities locally and beyond. 

As a collaborative leader, Vince possesses the unique ability to authentically connect with others and build consensus on important issues. He does this by listening before responding, and gathering as many perspectives as possible to inform decision making.

Vince recognizes that the quality of an educational system cannot exceed the quality of its staff, and as he is an individual who has built tremendous relationships with staff at every level of HCDSB. 

As such, Vince understands the complexities of the system from the classrooms to the Board Room, and makes the important connection between the impact of decisions on local contexts throughout the system. 

Vince is unique in that he will bring a fresh voice to the table while knowing the system intimately. He will make decisions that will make a positive impact on students, staff, and families in Halton.”  

Dr. Brendan Browne, PhD

Former Superintendent of Special Education Services

Halton Catholic District School Board 

Larry Clifford

It is a pleasure to provide a testimonial for Vincent Iantomasi as he runs for the position of Trustee at large for the Halton Catholic District School Board in the city of Burlington. 

In my role as a principal, superintendent and director of education in a number of Catholic boards across the province of Ontario I had the opportunity to interact with Vince on numerous occasions. 

Whether Vince was in the role of a parent, parishioner, committee member for the board or advocate he acted with integrity, credibility and professionalism. 

He brings political experience, a solid work ethic, preparedness and energy to the task assigned  and combines these qualities with a soft skill set that makes people feel at ease and comfortable in his presence. 

Vince is aware of the challenges facing Catholic education locally and provincially and can work as a team member to assist the educators of the board to continue to deliver excellence in the classroom. 

Kim Van Niewkoop

Vince has been a driving force behind the school boards facility renewal projects. He has worked tirelessly for over 12 years on Parent Council as Council Chair, Parish Rep and Community Rep. 

He was instrumental in getting the turf field and new renovations at Assumption. His drive and passion for the Halton Catholic School Board will help bring it to the next level. Vince will work for you, parents and students of HCDSB. I fully endorse Vince to be the next Trustee.

Kim Van Nieuwkoop

Assumption Parent Council Co-Chair 

Vic Lefebvre 

I am endorsing Vincent Iantomasi as a Burlington Trustee for the Halton Catholic District School Board.

In the 5 years that I have known Vincent, I have come to appreciate his tenacity. His involvement with parish, school and community is unending. He has demonstrated that he gives his time and talents generously as he gets involved with causes dear to his heart in support of our Catholic Schools, the Knights of Columbus, Catholic Charities and Community Projects.

Vincent is an intelligent man who listens to all sides of an issue before making a decision. He has the ability, knowledge and experience required to build a strong team of all stakeholders facing the challenges of our Catholic Education System.  

Angela Ponikvar

"Whenever I see Vince Iantomasi, he is always friendly and interested in what is going on in our Assumption community."

Angela Ponikvar 

Assumption HS Student Council  President

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Paula Dawson

Vincent Iantomasi is a man of faith and of service to his community. 

A long time parishioner of Holy Rosary Church and a member of the Knights of Columbus (Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Council #15920), Vincent clearly models Catholic Christian values and the importance of contributing to the common good. 


Vincent Iantomasi always takes a student-focused approach.   

Being a school volunteer and member of the Assumption Catholic School Council for many years, Vincent collaborates with parents, staff and administration to continually improve the learning experiences and the learning environment for all students. 

Vincent Iantomasi always seeks first to understand. 

Listening to concerns, gathering perspectives from all sides, understanding the needs and the complexity of the school system, Vincent will be a strong advocate, able to represent the voice of stakeholders as a member of the HCDSB Board of Trustees.

Paula Dawson 

Retired HCDSB Director of Education (2013-2018)